Town Hall Meeting Announcement – Planning to Support Future Assemblies in Glynn County

Glynn Unified Command – Fact Sheet 1 – September 28, 2021

A town hall meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Thursday, October 14 in the large meeting room at the Brunswick-Glynn County Library at 208 Gloucester St, Brunswick, GA 31520 to discuss how we are preparing the community for the upcoming trial.

Since early July, local and state partner agencies, the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, the City of Brunswick Fire and Police Departments, the College of Coastal Georgia Police Department, the Glynn County Board of Education Police Department, the Glynn County Fire and Police Departments and the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office have joined together in Glynn County daily to prepare for the establishment of a Unified Command structure for streamlined incident management. This also allows for responsible funding to support the resources required.  The Unified Command is working diligently to provide timely updates to the public as needed to facilitate the preservation of life, peaceful assembly, and protection of property. To minimize traffic disruptions and ensure access to public services, these updates will include but will not be limited to the following:

  • A timeline of significant events
  • Media events
  • Permitted assemblies
  • Potential or planned road closures and/or detours
  • Potential or planned public building relocations or closures
  • Available opportunities to serve guests of the community

What does this mean to you? As decisions are made that may potentially impact the community, we will disseminate information here at as quickly as possible. Our partners in local print and radio media are also committed to helping spread this word for your safety and protection.

We anticipate gatherings during this time and will work to support peaceful assemblies. Disposable face masks will be available, where possible. To help facilitate scheduling an assembly, permits can be obtained by visiting our website here:

Where allowed by Public Health officials, permitted assemblies may also include parking considerations, bathrooms, and covered rest areas (for some locations). Please make reservations now.

Parking will be available at preidentified locations to help ensure your safety. Weather concerns may be a factor, so please plan accordingly.

While ordinances do not require a permit for assemblies of less than 100 people, organizers should be aware that completing the permit request allows for local planners to provide for services that we may not be able to provide to non-planned events.  This also helps to ensure social distancing to prevent the unintentional spread of COVID-19.

If you live and/or work in Glynn County, our goal is to minimize any potential impact. This is our community, and we are invested along with you in the orderly conduct of demonstrations. The free expression of ideas is guaranteed to all citizens. Our goal is to be prepared to respond if conduct becomes a threat to public health or safety.

We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all involved.

Unified Command Incident Commanders:

Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office – Jody Ponsell

City of Brunswick Fire Department – Timothy White

City of Brunswick Police Department – Greg Post

College of Coastal Georgia Police Department – Bryan Sipe

Glynn County Board of Education Police Department – Rod Ellis

Glynn County Fire Department – Travis Johnson

Glynn County Police Department – Jeremiah Bergquist

Glynn County Sheriff’s Office – Justin Juliano